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A little about us

We're passionate about providing the best quality service at the best possible price

Launchpad is a digital design and development agency founded in 2014, based in the North East of England, with a client base spread all across the globe. We specialise in providing solutions within the budget of our clients, whilst retaining the same quality ethos throughout our work; our values ensure that everything we do is to the best possible standard, and looks the best it can.

We know that small businesses don’t have astronomical budgets for marketing, which is why we’re dedicated to providing pricing that caters to everyone's situation. Being a small company, we don’t have excessively large overheads to cover, so we can pass the savings on to you!

Our belief that your budget shouldn't limit your success; we've got the skills necessary to showcase your businesses strengths and values in everything we create for you, and we're willing to help you every step of the way in turning your idea into reality.

We're great at designing websites, building web applications, and drinking coffee!

We'd love to chat with you!

Design is our thing, and we love to talk about it. Want to ask us a question about how we do things? Not sure if something's feasible? Perhaps you're just looking for a chat? We don't mind what you'd like to discuss, give us a bell!

Email us at hello@launchpaddigital.ltd.uk, or give us a ring on 0191 645 9000

Looking to talk about a project?

We've got a handy little project planner you can use to let us know a little about who you are, and what your project entails - it only takes a few minutes, and we'll contact you to discuss it in more depth